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Posted by admin, January 4, 2011 9:39 am

Our first project is the construction of a purpose built free welfare hospital in Sukho, Pakistan, a rural village in the Punjab.

We are pleased to bring you the latest update from the Azmat Welfare Foundation whose mission it is to provide free healthcare to the poor and needy. The Charity’s first project was to build a primary care facility in rural Pakistan. The AWF commenced construction in May  2010 with a three year target completion date and we are pleased to announce that the completion of the AWF Hospital has been achieved within the three year period. The hospital was formally opened on 13th April 2013 when the medical services were made available to the public. The initial level of service consists of an outpatient service together with a 24 hour accident and emergency service.

By providing a primary care service we will be able to provide healthcare for the majority of people, people who normally would have to resort to costly, and often unnecessary, specialist healthcare.

Our hospital will allow the public to receive healthcare that will be free at the point of delivery. It will provide primary care services, a minor injuries and medical emergencies unit, and a birthing centre. In the long term we will also provide an inpatient service, along with an operating theatre for minor surgery, with the capacity to cope with more major surgery from visiting surgical teams.

The hospital also houses a pharmacy which provides free prescription medicine. Over 30 patients are seen every day and this can only continue with your help.

The hospital is run by a core team that will include doctors, nurses, and administration staff. The extra services will be provided by volunteers, namely doctors, nurses and allied health professionals from Europe and other well developed nations.

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Azmat Welfare Foundation- May 2014

Azmat Welfare Foundation- May 2014