Our first project is the construction of a purpose-built free welfare hospital in Sukho, Pakistan, a rural village in the Punjab district of Pakistan. Sukho is located approximately 2 hours from the capital, Islamabad. The current healthcare provision is limited, with limited government healthcare services nearby and costly private services further afield.

The AWF commenced construction of the hospital in May 2010 with a three-year target completion date, which was achieved. The hospital was formally opened on 13th April 2013 when the medical services were made available to the public. The initial level of service currently consists of primary care services and basic outpatient services. By providing a primary care service we will be able to provide healthcare for the majority of people, those who normally would have to resort to costly, and often unnecessary, specialist healthcare.

Our hospital will allow the public to receive free at the point of delivery healthcare. The hospital also houses a pharmacy which provides free prescription medicines. In the long-term we aim to provide a maternity unit, a medical emergencies unit and inpatient services, along with developing so that we have the capacity to cope with more advanced care from visiting specialist teams.

The hospital is run by a core team that includes doctors, nurses, and administration staff. Over 30 patients are seen in the hospital every day, and this can only continue to grow with your support. All the money donated goes towards maintaining and developing the hospital so we can continue to provide essential care to those in need.