The Azmat Welfare Foundation is a Charity registered in England and Wales, whose aim it is to provide free healthcare to the poor and needy.

“Since the opening of the hospital, the Foundation has treated over 60,000 patients”

The Charity’s first project is the construction of a hospital in the rural area of Gujar Khan, Pakistan. The Charity was set up in May 2010 in response to the lack of free medical healthcare to those who cannot afford it, in the poorest parts of Pakistan. Pakistan does not have a free national health service. Care is provided by government run hospitals that charge a nominal fee, private run specialist hospitals, and very few hospitals run by charitable organisations.

Read our 2018 update here.

Eight years have passed since we have been established, and since then we have seen the benefits of our labour and your donations. The Foundation continues to provide free healthcare to people with little means, and with your continued support we can keep on with our mission to provide the most basic humanitarian needs to those desperately in need.

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