Since the Azmat Welfare Foundation began fundraising in 2010, with your generous donations we have raised over £650,000! So where does that money go, and who does it benefit?

Prior to the opening of the hospital in April 2013 the majority of the funding went towards construction (architecture, manual labour and materials.) Once construction was complete, the funds were prioritised in order to be spent on equipping the facility with hospital beds, medical equipment including ultra-sound, X-ray, autoclave, and heart rate machines, amongst others.

The AWF is now a 100% Donation charity. This means that we can guarantee that every penny of your donation will go directly to the healthcare needs of patients. Our low administration costs are used from funds received from Gift Aid only.

In addition to this, your funds go towards the medicines which patients so desperately need, and the medical staff who provide this. We have two full-time doctors who work in rotation, assisted by nurses. Other staff include porters, cleaners, and administration staff, as well as a full-time pharmacist.

The running of the AWF Charity itself is run by 10 non-salaried trustees, and the countless number of volunteers. The Charity is run from the UK on an entirely volunteer basis, so you can be at ease knowing that the only salaries we pay are only for those who work in the hospital.

We’re a small charity, but we have a big mission. It’s not easy, and there are going to be many challenges ahead. But we know that with your help and support, both moral and financial, the Azmat Welfare Foundation can grow from strength to strength.